July 18, 2024 9:30 pm
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Shapiro signs Paul Miller’s Law allowing police to ticket distracted drivers using handheld devices

Nearly 12 years after a grieving mother approached state Sen. Rosemary Brown at a community meeting and asked her to support a tougher distracted driving law, Gov. Josh Shapiro on Wednesday signed a ban on using handheld electronics behind the wheel.

Legal fights leave question marks over ballot access in presidential battleground states

With less than 120 days until some states mail out general election ballots, important voting regulations in nearly every major 2024 battleground remain the subject of legal battles. That means court decisions yet to come could go a long way toward determining the level of Americans’ ballot access.

Pa. House passes bill requiring parental consent on social media, despite first amendment concerns

“The internet and social media have grown exponentially over the last few decades,” Brian Munroe (D-Bucks), the bill’s sponsor, said on the floor. “It is far past time for us to act on behalf of children and parents and put in place a modicum of protections and guardrails to protect our children.”