February 26, 2024 7:35 am
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A Program Launched by Pennsylvania Artist to Promote the Legacy of Charlie Chaplin


Staff Writer

On Thu., Sept. 29, a program named “Charlie Chaplin’s Red Letter Days” will be premiered at the Harris Theater. The new program is a newly restored version of Chaplin’s 1918 war comedy “Shoulder Arms” and features an interactive presentation. 

Dan Kamin, the person behind the fruition of the program, is a mime performer and author based in Pittsburgh. As a student of the life and work of Charlie Chaplin, Kamin is dedicated to promoting the legacy of “the most famous person that had ever lived in the world.” While he was attending college at Carnegie Mellon University, Chaplin’s “The Gold Rush” was what persuaded him to change his major from industrial design to performance. Due to his accomplishment and fame in the field, Kamin was hired to help Robert Downey who was then starring in the 1992 movie “Chaplin.” Kamin is also the author of the book “The Comedy of Charlie Chaplin: Artistry in Motion.”

GOP backs voting by mail, yet turns to courts to restrict it in battleground states

“We can’t play catch up. We can’t start from behind. We can’t let Dems get a big head start and think we’re going to win it all on Election Day,” Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel said in November on a conference call aimed at promoting the group’s Bank Your Vote initiative to encourage early and mail voting. “Things happen on Election Day.”